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About WildBore

Hello there friends

WildBore here you can call me Bore for short.

My history is in live broadcasting which is where i cultivated my experience of directing in a high pressure environment

I have been looking to get into voice over for some time and recently started to do something about it. I mainly go for anime fandubs because you know giant weeb

I am a Co-Creator with FanBase and have directed and co written Domestic Girlfriend Abridged and co written Tower of God abridged.

I am doing this purely for the love of the industry and fun at this stage but i do have my standards i look forward to working with you

  • @fuffy27

    Working together with WildBore on the very long process of abridging an anime he has been nothing but exceptional. His ability to manage people and keep us all in line coupled with his timely delivery of any lines has been awesome, and you should hire him for your project as well!

  • @cgz

    Let me just say that WildBore is such a great guy and VA to work and talk with! He helped to progress the Your Name fandub project and he managed to finish his lines rather quickly as well which is awesome. If you need someone in your project then I definitely recommend hiring WildBore!

  • @colourblitz

    WildBore is the casting director for the wonderful team over at FanBase! He leads the cast direction for practically all the FanBase projects. My time with him has always been absolutely pleasant, he has a really solid understanding of what sounds great and what doesn't along with feeling out the mood for a situation to lead a scene on spectacularly! In our current project Tower of God I wouldn't have been able to lead such a successful performance in the show without him. I highly recommend him!

  • @duncaroni

    WildBore is one of the most professional, hardworking and as easy to work with of any director / actor I've ever known. The dedication he puts into every project he's apart of is captivating, as he is the type of talent that inspires and helps others in bettering themselves. His insight is invaluable and his expertise is unquestionable, yet he loves nothing more than to spend time with friends have a great, fun-filled time.
    I recommend WildBore for his talent, professionalism and compassion!

  • @chunderbluffin

    Bore is my director on a number of projects, such as Domestic GF Abridged, where I act as a co-writer for him. He's incredibly easy to get along with. He provided voice work for an episode of my Jojo Abridged series, which was a great experience to do, as he was a joy to direct. If you need help on a project or need a character voiced, hit him up. I can't recommend him highly enough