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About EuclidClassDunmer

Hi, I'm Euclid! I run a Youtube Channel where | Narrate stories. SCP files, I also do character roleplays and Character and creature analysis.  

I also have my own universe called The Consortium! 

  • @duskooky

    Awesome voice actor, very cooperative and easy to work with. Like a professional.
    This guy accepted enthusiastically to help me with my project, even though it was a non-profit one, made just for entertainment. He delivered all the lines (about 8 minutes of recording, as they were many) on the same day I casted him. Open to criticism, he offered multiple times to record the lines again in case there was something about them I didn't like - even if there was no need to as his performance was more than perfect.
    His voice is amazing and he knows how to express the right emotions with his acting. He's capable of nailing the mood of the story and the personality of a character in one go, just by reading a briefly description of the character and the scene.
    He's adept at creating the perfect atmosphere and bringing the character to life, expressing their own emotions and feelings which gives the illusion of having that fictional character right in front of you.
    The audio quality is really good, and the respect he showed towards my project - always doing his very best in every situation - demonstrates his professionalism.
    Actually, I truly recommend EuclidClassDunmer to anyone who's looking for a reliable and skilled voice actor for their projects!
    I'm still very glad to have this great voice actor in my cast.