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Jay Whang

Trying-to-be content producer and freelance photographer.

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I did the short animated film titled BLACK FOX. Most of the time, I play games, make arts, go out, take some photos, attend classes, and searching for jobs.


$30 per hour

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Some versatile voice actors

  • @meredithnudo

    Wow. WOW. 

    You know how you read some really emotionally intense, visceral work, and then you find out that the person who wrote it is actually a real sweetheart? That's Jay. 

    Jay directed me for his short animated film The Tragic End of Rodney and Madlyn U., a gothic horror that unapologetically rips your heart out before stomping it to bits. He provided a showstopping script with plenty of juicy bits for performers to sink our teeth into, which is always a joy. As a director, Jay gives precise directions so we know exactly what sort of take he wants. He also leaves room for improvisation to build out characterization and story elements that the actors find most intriguing. 
    Between the script and the direction, Jay certainly took my acting to some dimensions I didn't know existed. Highly recommended!