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Heya, I'm Dominic. Voice acting started as an activity to do with my mates, just mucking about and doing voices. Then it turned into a hobby and now I'm here! While my ability to do accents could do with a little work, the malleability of my voice is quite high, and I am open to suggestions and feedback on my auditions.

The ability to become basically anybody is one of the biggest draws for voice acting for me, I love being able to step into someone else's shoes for a while, and expanding on what the character is as I voice them. Not to mention feeling such raw emotions and putting them into characters is such a rush every time!

I look forward to working with you project leaders in future. If you ever need to reach me, or see an audition for another project that you want the voice for your own, don't hesitate to look down the profile for my socials and message me wherever!
Although I prefer Discord, atĀ Aegis#4781.


  • @melancholy-marionette

    Super talented and versatile! Just an absolute delight to work with in general :3 Audio quality was great and the delivered audio was really easy to work with. We were on a team together for a game jam with a strict deadline and all lines were delivered swiftly and on time with no problems whatsoever. It was an honour to get to work together! Thank you so much for everything <3

  • @melancholy-marionette

    I've worked with Dom before, but I'm back again with another recommendation after just completing another project that we collaborated on :3 I was excited to work together again because he was fantastic in the first project, and no less than incredible once again for this second one! Being another game jam, it was important to have lines in by a certain deadline, and Dom got everything to me super fast. Despite having to endure recording multiple takes of the same lines to account for the player's pronoun choices, Dom delivered every single one of them flawlessly. Thanks so much for bringing another one of my characters to life :3