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I was born in 1999 and recently recovered from scoliosis surgery. I had always enjoyed acting before, but because of this new limitation I thought it would be fun to move on to a different medium of acting by lending my voice.

After all, acting is acting no matter what form it comes in. I'v always held cartoons in a high regard, and I love nothing more than for my life to revolve around them.


Since I'm an amateur, I'm not looking for money at the moment.

But I would like a recommendation if you cast me for one of your roles.


Completed Works

BrandonGamingVA | Free-For-All | Nate

Scalpha | Probably PokeSpe Dub | Really Cool Dude

comedyskits80 | Maximum Combat | Duck Dodgers

In Progress

TJ Studio | Orange vs Black | Captain Chris

taliyus | Taliyus | Ekarus Crocadylus
 bech |Dragon Ball GT Abridged | Goku, Trunks, Gohan, Android 17

some person | Pack Street Dub | Marty

Fluffboi3000 | The Gloves Initiative | Evan and Alex
Imar_moralesrivera | My Little Pony Before the Magic | Gummy

Derek Spangler | Critora | Wally Bomb and Iggy

Procrastinating | Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Dub | C.Q. Cumber

CanOfDarkFruit | SmashSwitch | Toad, Red, Kraid, Hades, Fox


Taliyus: Raccoon Bro voices Ekarus in my cartoon project, he always gets the lines in on time, the lines are really good, expressive and a lot of fun.

kyle kye: He voices my character, Blue and does it really well. He finds the right amount of emotion to put into characters and delivers lines perfectly. His voice also has different ranges that really helps him in the auditions. I’m proud of casting him to be part of the project!

bech: A friendly team player and talented actor who will go above and beyond to help make something everyone can be proud of; I can't recommend this guy enough.

Chippa: Keen, passionate and willing to give projects his 100% heart. This guy is easy to talk to, very teachable and is always finding ways to improve and hone his craft. You won't go wrong casting him for your project.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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