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About Lemonade Flashbang

Hey folks!

My name is Shadi and I own and operate this tiny one man indie gaming studio named Lemonade Flashbang by myself.

I first started making games about 20 years ago, when I was about 10 years old. It's been an on and off affair for me, but after my Dungeons and Dragons game ended I figured that it would be fun to make something a bit more serious! It's been a long year in development, especially given that I still work full time as a Data Scientist, but I think I've made some great progress since I first began.

It can be a bit overwhelming taking on a big project like this by yourself, but I've been having a great time and I'm looking forward for it being presentable and ready to share with the world.

While I enjoy video games, I also enjoy Dungeons and Dragons (and other tabletop RPG's), board games (going through Gloomhaven right now), aerial arts (trapeze, silks, etc.,), and have two adorable cats.

I'm located in Portland, Oregon. My Time Zone is PDT (UTC-7).