Mika Thomas

Mika Thomas

Hi there!  Thanks for dropping by! Check out my animation and gaming sample track below. These are just a few of the things I can do with my voice. I'm super eager to work with you on your next project! :)

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About Mika Thomas

My name is Mika! I'm a trained actor/voice actor working on building their career in this amazingly wonderful and FUN field. ||I was|| a professional dancer for 14 years and have had the joy of performing on stage for millions of people. Now I want to go behind the mic to bring joy to others in a different way. I want to be involved in every facet of this ever-evolving performance art, but my biggest interests are animation, gaming, and audiobooks.

I know what it's like to be a professional working artist and at the TOP of my field in a performing art. Book me for your next project and I'll bring everything I've got!

Home Studio Specs:
Sound Treated Booth
Lewitt LCT 440 Pure Cardioid Condenser Microphone
Scarlett Solo Interface


Upright Citizens Brigade - 2022

Improv Comedy 101-401

Instructed by Allyn Pintal, Alex Berg, Ali Ghandour

The basics of Improv Comedy as taught and practiced by the Improv Comedy Troupe the Upright Citizens Brigade

The Barrow Group - 2021

Voice Acting I & II

Instructed by Justin Barrett

A comprehensive look at the industry of voiceover, character development, script analysis, mic technique, and basic engineering for auditions

The Voice Shop - 2021

Voice Over Fundamentals

Instructed by Michael George

An Intro To Voiceover (emphasis on commercial reads)

The Voice Shop - 2020

Intermediate Essentials

Instructed by Michael George

Intermediate Voiceover Workshop with an emphasis on Commercial Reading

The Voice Shop - 2021

Advanced Techniques

Instructed by Michael George

Advanced Workshop with an emphasis on repetitions, copy analysis, and commercial reads

Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2023

Audio Engineering for Voice Actors

Instructed by Tony Wijs
  • @ParisIsACity

    Mika is something special - this dude has a *plethora* of voices available, and he knows how to do make magic with them. It's honestly mind-blowing. Grab him for any of your projects, and certainly your most adventurous ones, you won't be disappointed!

  • @CenturySeries

    Mika is an outstanding voice actor. He is very quick to deliver his takes and is open to trying different variations. It was nice working with him. If you need a great voice, hire him! 

  • @tagorigins

    Mika was an amazing guy to work with! His acting and the quality of his audio is so professional, to a point where this man MUST be paid for his work in any project he's in. He's that good. His high spirits and friendliness makes him a pleasure to work with as well! Plus, he is very quick with his job! He always responds to messages within 24 hours, and he gets lines/audio to you faster than your deadline is. If you see him on your project, I highly recommended considering him!

  • @koroberts

    I worked with Mika on a project with about 60 other VAs. Mika was an absolute professional throughout the entire process.  As a director, I know when talent is phoning it in and when they put in the work not just to understand the role, but to make sure they provide what the project needs to succeed.  Mika is that second kind of talent.  Timely, communicative, followed instructions well, asked clarifying questions, and followed through.  

    Mika will definitely be on my callback list. 100% would work with him again.  

  • @cccountyaudiodrama

    I couldn't recommend Mika enough! He was an absolute delight to work with on the pilot episode of my audio drama and I hope to work with him again in the future! I would highly recommend giving him a chance, he has an amazing talent for putting his own unique spin on characters!