The one and only "Illustrious" Tunnelfox, World's most Okay-est voice actor!

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About Tunnelfox

Hello, I am "The Illustrious" Tunnelfox! If you've never heard of my revered name then well, i don't blame you. they don't call me the world's most "Okay-est" voice actor for nothing!

The majority of my portfolio in voice acting has been achieved through Casting Call Club with a few exceptions that can't be listed due to circumstance. the majority of my work has been for indie or fan projects such as a few halo machinimas, SCP related content, and amateur animations!
a few of my ongoing roles are that of Troy Cheong in Artifact Escape,Hans Skelton in Backwards Thinking, and Steel in Project Wild SKye.

now for the brass tacks. my voice is best suited for deep, gruff, gravely roles but i can get my voice high enough for a squeakier nerdy type character. for a better reference than what i can put to words feel free to browse some of my works and projects which can be found on Youtube as "Tunnelfox".

University of lactose tolerence - 2019

Lactose Tolerence 101

Instructed by Milky Milk Man

free for small / fun projects.

$25 per recorded hour otherwise.

What Tunnelfox is looking for

NOTE IN CASE YOU NEGLECTED TO PROPERLY DESCRIBE YOUR PROJECT: DUE TO RELIGIOUS AND PERSONAL REASONS I WILL NOT TAKE PART IN ANYTHING LGBTQ+.(I live in America and thoroughly believe in peoples right to live their life as they wish, please respect mine.)

  • @akarion

    Tunnelfox delivered some great voice acting and went above and beyond by sending edited and raw sound files. Recommended for sure.

  • @koroberts

    I worked with Tunnelfox on a project with about 60 other VAs. He was an absolute professional throughout the entire process.  I manage my projects in a Discord server and he jumped in, picked up the requirements, and delivered multiple on-time performances.  Timely, communicative, followed instructions well, asked clarifying questions, and followed through. Would definitely work with again.