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About AaronIsak

My name is Aaron Isak, and I am a 19 year old singer/songwriter.

I've always been into directing and writing, and always wanted to do it well, if i ever did.I'm really fond of machinimas, because they let you create animated movies or series without knowing how to animate! I have come to the conclusion that CCC is the best play to look for talented voice actors.

My vocal range is very high, but my pitch is extremely unique, so I don't really work as a voice actor. I do however sing, and strive to become a successful musician.
I still like to audition and offer my voice.

  • @deleted55728

    It was such a pleasure working with Aaron! A true professional, easy to work with and extremely talented!

  • @bluepixel

    Aaron Isak is one of the most talented singers I know! He has a wide vocal range which can be very useful. Isak sent me his soothing vocals very quickly, his microphone is of high quality and has no background noise at all. There was no complaining when I asked him to do extra work due to unfortunate circumstances. Not only is he an amazing singer but he is also an excellent song writer. It was a pleasure to work with him because he is a very nice guy. If you need to hire a singer, Aaron is the perfect guy for the job! - Brooke Fernandes (Blue Pixel)

  • @deleted62609

    Aaron Isak is an AMAZING singer! He is been available and have created some beautiful vocals on our collaboration.
    He is reliable and incredibly talented, it was a great honor to work with him, I feel so lucky!