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About Thatcrazyguy

I'm just into doing voiceovers on things I dig. When I'm not doing voiceovers, I'm writing drafts of stories and working on audio mixing.

For voiceovers, I can manipulate my vocal cords to form voices that range from deep and booming, to high and raspy, to quiet and reserved, and even to something elderly. Basically, my voice offers variety.

I'm a bit of an amateur at writing drafts, yet I put in my all and stay creative out of passion.

I've been playing around with sound editing for a bit, and I believe that I've gotten good at it.

If you're interested in what I have to offer, you can contact me on this site, and I can send in information on my other accounts and my specialties.

Youtube channel:

Now I've got a discord (Secondary way to contact me): thatcrazyguy7782#9338

  • @ThatMendezGuy

    ThatCrazyGuy played two roles for me and nailed them. He's very easy to work with and crazy good! I would highly recommend him, it's not everyday you find someone this passionate about their craft and delivering on what they promise!

  • @projecthydra

    The audition from Thatcrazyguy was perfect. I would totally cast him for any project he auditions for. The way how he can express emotions and play with accents is just amazing. The communication was fast and professional.
    Thank you one more time!

  • @iaw

    all i only asked him for one type of voice iv seen his other work and it is amazing he can goo from sounding like a tired doctor to sounding like an energetic joker highly recommend him for any project he will fit in any project