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About Owleeve


I am Eve (also known as Owleeve/Evening Owl), a french starving artist as well as a voice actress (and writer/animator in my spare time).

I am a theater lover and the first time I went on stage with some fellow actors at a local theater, it made me realize how much I adore creating side to side with other entertainers. Knowing that if you fall someone will pick you up and you'd do the same for them really inspired me, I must say.

I have so many passions that I want to pursue! I'd love to become a musical actress, a video game director, an illustrator, an animator, a singer, a writer, a professional voice actress... So here I am! A bit of a swiss knife.

My main activity, though, is art. I've been creating illustrations (mostly of characters) professionally since 2019. I am improving by the day and hope to bring other people joy by helping them creating the characters they have in mind. 

I am currently creating a webcomic with HofePrime (who is an incredible musician and friend) parodying one of the series we are both working on. It is called BaraRonTai (findable on both Webtoon and Tapas) and tells the tale of a young man suddenly becoming a magical girl and having to make a decision between going back to his quiet normal life or saving Earth from pollution and devastation. The comic is currently on break so I can build buffer. I will update this post when I'll start publishing again.

Do you want to commission art from me? The links are in "Pricings".

  • @kresnikva

    Eve is just such a fantastic person that I've had the honour of working along side with. She is just a phenomenal artist! I'm always blown away with each drawing she shows me. She is also a great voice actress who puts lots of emotion into each of her lines! She's an extremely hard worker that deserves all the work that she is giving! Any director who is looking for a fantastic artist and actress, I highly recommend Eve!

  • @ian-minderman

    Eve has been phenomenal. She delivers great enthusiasm while maintaining appropriate situation intonation. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is receptive to feedback and implements it quickly. She consistently delivers high quality work, which makes my life as her project manager very easy. I high recommend working with her if given the chance!

  • @hofeprime

    Eve is an amazing artist that never fails to blow away my expectations. She's serious when she needs to be, but also manages to have a fantastic sense of humor. I met her when she began working on a project I had auditioned for a few months prior and she's been a vital powerhouse on the project within the art department ever since.