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About RJH_Voiceover

Welcome welcome! I'm a character actor, with a natural speaking voice that is a baritone with a standard American accent, but being raised in the South means that a southern or western accent comes very easily to me.

 I've been acting ever since I was young enough to play Baby Jesus at church, so I have a  lifetime of experience. Theatre and film has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, so much so that I attended film school in order to make a living out of it. 

Voice acting has been so much fun to get into, a sphere which I quickly discovered is easy to enter and hard to master. I was cast in a Spider-Man fandub, then a Persona 5 comic dub, and the process of recording lines and discovering the character was something I fell in love with, and look forward to repeating with all of my projects in the future. 

I welcome director input, feedback, and constructive criticism, so don't hesitate to reach out! You won't regret it! =)

Discord Tag: SleightxHope#1635

Finished Works:

WIP/Cast For:
Batman: King of Gotham! (Batman/Bruce Wayne)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - "Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak"- Manga Dub (Hol Horse)

Text Adventure! (Thrys)
Star Wars: Revan Rising Radio Drama (Darth Revan)

Cryptic College (Zakariah Warren)
Re-Main English Fandub (Jo Jojima)

Fate Grand Order: Orleans (Vlad the Impaler)

Sephiroth Plushie Video for YouTube (Sephiroth)


Rates available upon request. I have specific rates for custom ASMR work, non-commercial voice acting, and commercial (for-profit) voice acting, audiobook narration, and ad read voiceover.

What RJH_Voiceover is looking for

I'm an actor at heart, so games and anime are the dream. But I'll give your project everything I've got if I'm cast. If you're passionate about it, so am I!

  • @kittydonutsu

    I have to say that RJ's voice is so WHOLESOME and very satisfying to hear. His voice is so amazing! And I cannot believe that I am working with someone with so much talent! If you're looking for someone to be apart of your series or cast, RJ is the perfect person for it!

  • @otaku_va

    I've had an amazing experience working with RJ. He is extremely professional and talented as a voice actor. I Would love to work with him again! If you are thinking about casting him do it! You won't be disappointed!

  • @zackfair_1993

    Working with RJ has been very productive. I have dealt with many different types of actors when it came to directing and I have to say I was extremely impressed. RJ had a great attitude, a very welcoming energy, was very passionate about his role, and I feel that he will go far with his acting. I can't credit him enough for how responsive he was with the directions, and how quick he was with line submissions! 10/10, Five Stars, I personally would love to work with him on any/all future projects. I hope that he can continue to receive some excellent opportunities as time goes by!

  • @segagirl101

    At first I was nervous of meeting these voice actors, but after meeting with RJ I was amazed at how productive he was! I am very proud of how talented he is, and how proficient he was in getting all of his recordings done in a very timely manner! I am very happy to work alongside him and I am thrilled to make him my new permanent Knuckles Voice Actor!! I also hope that we can work together again on a future project sometime very soon! 10/10 This guy is one of a kind, if you need someone who is productive, responsive, and dedicated look no further than RJ!

  • @ian-minderman

    RJH has been a PHENOMENAL addition to my project! He took on some extra responsibility during the production of the project, and he really delivered an A+ performance. He had a great attitude the entire time and really made my life as a director a lot less stressful. I highly recommend having him on any project!

  • @tyler-gustafson

    RJ is such a talented voice actor and I'm so glad to have him on my team! He's gone above and beyond in so many ways and he's been able to get into his character extremely well! He's been a great leader and always gives an outstanding performance whether it's in a table reading, audition, or the real deal! I definitely would recommend him for any projects you may have!

  • @oppo-rancisis

    My first experience with RJH was when he auditioned for the lead character Bail Organa in my audio drama “The Imperial Rule”. I was immediately fascinated with his voice and delivery as well as his ability to replicate the original actor’s mannerisms. However, due to some complications, RJH was not able to provide the voice for the lead.

    Nevertheless, he gave me such a great first impression of himself through that particular audition that I felt it was crucial that he got a role. And so I offered him a smaller role as the Moff of Christophsis.

    All I provided him with to create an original voice for the character was a photo of one of my friends who I imagined the character to look like.

    I received the lines at a very quick pace and, as soon as I listened to them, I became shocked and astounded! He managed to create something absolutely spectacular, giving the character an extreme sense of personality as well as perfectly replicating the kind of attitude a man in this position would have.

    I am extremely satisfied with RJH’s performance and will definitely get him for future projects if I can!

  • @avoiceofanangel

    RJ is a pleasure to work with! His lines were always sent in a timely manner. I would love to work with him again and anyone who does work with him will not be disappointed.