James Dahlbender

James Dahlbender

Animator | Writer | Voice Actor | Music Composer | Sound Designer | Game Designer | Twitter Refugee | Filmmaker

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About James Dahlbender

Hey everybody! I'm James, and I'm a multitalent guy born in Wilmington, NC and raised in Half Moon, Jacksonville. I've been here in CCC since 2016, and I've been using it ever since. I'm a jack of all trades meaning I can do just about anything. Whether it be music, sound design, animation, art, singing, voice acting, and even game design I'm right here if you need me.


Music & Sound Design

Traditional Hand Drawn Animation

Arts and Crafts

Scoring for Animation, film, trailers, commercials, games, etc.

Arranging & Orchestration

Multi-instrumental performances (Especially keyboards and percussion)

Voice Acting & Narration

Game Design (level, concept, systems, etc.)

Editorial and VFX

Practical Special EFX (the simple stuff like liquid, snow, bubbles, fluid, etc.)

Live Acting




Audio Post


Music production & mixing

Podcast and Audio Drama editorial

Custom Foley / SFX

Dialogue production & editorial


Sheet Timing


Script Breakdown



Card Production

Character Design

Prop Design

EFX Animation

Character Animation



Comic Art


Eastern North Carolina Regional Skills Center - 2023

Digital Design and Animation I and II

Instructed by Frank Jones

I can do work free of charge and when I do paid work, I'm negotiable.

What James Dahlbender is looking for

I'm willing to do just about any project.

  • @deleted346988

    Hard work individual

  • @dannycoskeworld

    this dude is amazin.' please support his hhpay reboot project ^-^

  • @francy-the-arackulele

     James is a young man that is known for his HiHiPuffyAmiYumi Reboot and is good and kind friend. He will working for my my singing monsters project

  • @zachetx344

    I have personally worked on a project with James, And I would vouch for/recommend their expertise any day of the week! They are extremely professional, very talented and worked in a polite manner. I highly recommend their services, And personally hope to work with them again in the future! 5/5 stars! (if I could do such a thing haha-)