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hiiro hiide

Just a guy with a girly voice. Stan cozmez

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About hiiro hiide

I'm hiiro! I'm a Okinawan-Filipino singer/rapper from Canada. My primary singing languages are Japanese and English! As well as an audio engineer revolving song mixing. I love Saki Tenma and Nayuta Yatanokami [He/Him] 

I've been voice acting for a year now! Ranging from low-key androgynous voices to super bubbly female types! Despite my more recent voice acting endeavors, I've been singing for two years now, specializing in Japanese/English cover songs.

For inquiries, please message @hiirohiide on Discord.

Notes (singing) 📝 

Range overall: B2 - D6

Comfort range: E3-F4

Vocal Type: Tenor/Contralto

Vocal Type 2: Androgynous-Fem leaning


Singing in Japanese/English/Latin/French/Korean


Twitter: https://x.com/HiiroHiide

i am aware i have a feminine voice for a young man- I'm working on fixing that!


Mixing commissions soon!

What hiiro hiide is looking for

Voice acting, singing, or audio engineer! I can do audio engineering in any language. Can only voice act in English, can sing in Japanese and English. I'm interested in anime-manga and Japanese video games!

  • @coryncidence

    Hiiro is incredible, and I cannot express how great he is enough.  I've sung for him several times, and the mixing and audio mastering is...frankly, very hard to match.  He's a fantastic actor to boot!  I seriously cannot recommend him or his work enough!

  • @nightwave

    hiiro is seriously a very talented mixer, I cannot even wrap my head around how he manages to do it. I highly recommend him.

  • @daveykine

    Hiiro is one seriously talented individual. I have been on a few projects with him where he was the audio engineer and I was also a part of one of his cover projects. He always exceeds the entire team’s expectations with his final product. On a side note, check out his covers. He’s a great singer with a nice voice. I truly enjoy listening to his work.