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About coryncidence

Hi there!  I am a professional singer and actor from Boston.  Most of my work is on the stage, but I'm looking to branch into vocal acting as well!

I'm genderfluid, but often voice feminine or female characters and am totally fine with that!  I won't say no to a male role, but I know that my voice and affect tends to fall on the feminine side.

Accents: Natural is Connecticut accent.  Southeastern American (Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama), general Midwestern American, Brooklyn, RP English.  Excels with over-the-top character voices (think Pinkie Pie from MLP)

Speaking Vocal Range: Natural voice sits mid-high femme, but can range from very high and squeaky (Pikachu-esque) to mid-deep femme.  

Singing Vocal range: Low E3, belt to F#5-G5, top C#6

  • @shade2800

    I had Coryn on for a mod project of mine, recording short voice clips. She was quick, efficient, and very polite. I'm sure they'll be a great asset for future projects they work on too.

  • @beautifuldreamer

    We've only done a few months worth of work, but she continues to shine through everything she sends. When she's casted, she basically becomes the character she's casted as. Not to mention her voice is AMAZING. She sings like an angel and hits unimaginably high notes with ease. I'm so thrilled to be working with her, and anyone who has the luck to get her on their project would be getting a star in the making.

  • @hiirohiide

    Coryn is a crazy good singer and voice actor!! I've worked with them on a few projects mixing their vocals and it was super fun too! Coryn is very hard working and prompt with due dates, 10/10 would reccomend them :)