Davey Kine

Davey Kine

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  • @warrystar88

    I’ve seen Davey work on a few projects and I have always been impressed with his ability to produce many unique convicting characters and make improvements based on feedback. I look forward to his future work and potential collaborations!

  • @deleted575502

    Davey was a cool person to work with. He gave an overall good performance as Tom in my It Lives project. He's very responsible with his deliveries no matter what. We had great communication and we practically have each other's patience. Whenever I would give him feedback on something that needed to be improved he would do his best in re-doing some of these lines. He was constantly updating me with everything including when he would deliver his next recordings. Highly recomend you to work with Davey.

  • @hiirohiide

    I've worked with Davey on a few singing projects and I would 100% recommend working with him! He's a very talented singing along side voice actor. Davey also have a very nice singing timbre and is very good with due dates!!