Your friendly editor, here to bring you some love and comedy~!

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About AsherKnox

Hello good people of the internet! I'm Asher! An editor who has a broken sense of humor and an aspiring lovewell.

Been editing for about 3+ years
Artist of 4+ years
Newbie VA/Singer

I enjoy what I do and I hope to brighten your day in some way or another~!

  • @chai_tealeaves

    Nightwave is a pleasure to have as a video editor. They have an insane talent for editing and constantly blow myself and my team away with their skills. I heavily recommend them for any potential projects. 

  • @hiirohiide

    I've work with Nightwave in two major projects and I would 100% would recommend her. She's super hard working and makes amazing high quality MVs. Nightwave has a really good work ethic too and is a very fun and kind person to talk to!