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About Devstar2000

I can do anything but voice act (the one thing that everyone mainly does on this site). I'm the best at video editing compared to everything else I can do. I plan to have fun, experiment, and see what I can do.

  • @akuchi

    Devstar is awesome! He is really kind, helpful, understanding, and positive! For my project, he was cast as an audio engineer, but he took the initiative to help out with some visual effects, which I appreciate greatly! He's very talented and a great asset to any team! I highly recommend him!

  • @lonelyknight

    This guy. what can i say. Never spoke to him but through message, i love his work though! I sent over recordings and almost instantly regretted them because of the bad quality i had.. But he is super nice! He took what i sent in and brought out my voice, like you could actually hear me and in juicy quality! You could literary give him anything and he'll make it work i recommend him highly!