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About Farosence

My Discord is Farosence#7069

Hi! I'm Charlie, nice to meet you!

My pronouns are They/Them

My normal speaking voice is between deep female and androgynous,  but I'm able to do a baby voice along with some more soft-spoken voices and creature sounds.

I'm extremely enthusiastic about Pokémon.

I'm ok with excessive swearing and gore, but I will not do NSFW.

  • @habefastro-scribe

    Farosence is one of the best actors you will ever work with. Her acting is on a fantastic level, being able to bring both essential exaggeration yet always sounding so natural. She can both read a script and act it out to it’s greatest potential, and also has a compelling capability of improvisation. 

    It is a rarity to ever find someone with as much passion as Farosence. She not only plays the character she is casted as, but she very much BECOMES the character. Able to evoke emotion, affliction, vocal action, and tone exactly how the character would could and should do.

    She is an utmost delight to work with in every way. Patience, Wisdom, Manners, and Kindness are all traits that she delivers in refreshing spades. Working with her is akin to working with a dear friend.

    Delight also comes from listening to what she can do in a recording. Just listening to her performance makes the given project a true joy. Listening to the love put into her work makes one look forward to the work, to the point where it no longer feels like actual work… but rather, an activity that brings happiness.

  • @Nekturius

    Working with Farosence was great. She was nice when we interacted and did submit her lines before the deadline was due. Also, she did a fantastic job with her lines. So if you need a Talented and good working voice actress, I would recommend Farosence for any project.

  • @euclidclassdunmer

    Farosence is a great individual to work with, they fit the character of Alice perfectly, They're also kind and fun! 
    Would recommend working with this VA to anyone looking for quality!  

  • @dcooper

    Working with Kate on the Winx club fan dub project. Has been a blast. I'm forever grateful for having her aboard. I can't wait to her performance as one of the pixies. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I9_cNg6Ho5RDcgNNFlq4QK-Oh-HIHEsw/view?usp=sharing