Actor, singer, Voice actor, Youtuber, quick at memorizing lines, and easy to direct!  If you enjoyed working with me in the past feel free to leave a recommendation! Much love!

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About Pegasusangel

Hi! I'm Pegasusangel although my real name is Heather.

I am a very positive person and like to cheer others on.  Especially when I see their potential in many things!

I also have a youtube channel that I consisteently livetream and upload on.


I am Aromantic and Asexual but I don't really make a big deal about it.  It's just who I am.

I have been acting since I was about 8 in live theatre shows.  I would type them all in but it's a lot and I don't want to bore anyone.  

I have just recently started voice acting remotely.  I use a Blue yeti X mic with a knoxgear pop filter although I am looking into getting an XLR mic in the future.

I am currently doing some VA projects.  Fandubs, Abridged series, and some musicals.  However I'm great at time managing and meeting deadlines in all my projects I'm a part of.

Here is a playlist of different projects I've been cast in:

My biggest dream i'm striving toward is to become a Voice actor in a game.  I'd love to be in a visual novel game mostly.  Although I'd also love to voice in an RPG or Anime as well.  I also hope to one day get an IMDB credit.  I have a fairly good range from low to high.  If interested check out some of my Audition Submissions.

Anyway if you read all this you are a true champ and I appreciate you.

I hope to work with you in the future.  Thank you so much for checking me out!

Much love!

Pegasusangel (Heather)


My rates as of now are $20 an hour.  I have decided on a $2.50 per line if the recording does not take an hour.  I'm pretty fast at getting lines in and also fixing them when given feedback.  Also these rates are negotiable.  I just wanted to put some rates on my profile as I've been blessed to be asked to be a part of so many projects lately.  Again if it's something I'm really interested in I don't mind doing it for free!

What Pegasusangel is looking for

I'm currently looking into more original projects.  Indie animations, indie video games, and anything that might give an IMDB credit once I'm an established actor.  I'd really love to voice act in a dating simulator, a youtube animation, a tv animation, or even a movie.  I love taking on indie animation projects they are a lot of fun for me to voice act in!

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    Pegasus has the most positive energy I've seen from anyone I've worked with. The kind of VA you just cant be mad at. Her lines are always on time and will communicate with you to make sure she stays on time!