Turnabout: An Ace Attorney Musical

2022Production https://www.youtube.com/@Turnabout_AnAceAttorneyMusical

Turnabout: An Ace Attorney Musical is a reimagined take on the long-running fan project Turnabout Musical. This new stage adaptation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney includes an almost entirely new book, brand-new songs, and adaptational story changes for the theatrical medium and for the enjoyment of both general audiences and Ace Attorney fans.

This 2022 production is primarily an audio-drama-style table read of the script and an original cast recording of all songs, presented with video styled after the original games using Objection.lol. 

The characters and events of the Ace Attorney franchise are the sole intellectual property of CAPCOM; this is a non-profit fan production.

For more on the original Turnabout Musical, check out this Linktree! https://linktr.ee/turnaboutmusical