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About rcohare

U.S. based character actor and voice over artist with over 20 years professional stage experience, as well as work in video games, animation and audio dramas.

email: ohare (dot) ray (at) gmail (dot) com

 Discord: ray5520
Twitter: @ray_ohare 
Recording Setup: -UT Fet47 large diaphragm condenser mic

-Ssl2+ Interface-Insulated Sound Booth

  • @nokdef

    He gave the voice for the Puppet Master, in the videogame Fight N' Fall.

    Making voicework for videogames is a tricky thing, we get way fewer words per minute than any other media, so you need an actor capable of using those words to the maximum. It is also pretty challenging to find someone who can keep their performance consistent between flavor and gameplay information, videogames are riddled with generic lines like "I am under attack" or "Victory!", which take away from the personality of the character if not delivered flavorfully. Puppet Master is a crazed puppeteer who controls the spells of his enemies, so the number of specific lines for each enemy was not only astronomical but also varied in flavor and tone.

    He managed to bring the character to life over the spam of 600ish lines and gave a performance that passed gameplay information and character flavor masterfully.

    As an added bonus, he was extremely friendly and nice to work with, and even gave a piece of his brain and theater background for us to pick on when it came to writing lines related to the world of the stage.

    We are extremely satisfied with the performance we got, and give a shining recommendation to take him on board with your project. You won't regret it.

  • @playpretendgames

    Absolutely nailed a character voice for a video game project! Amazing voice acting skills, very expressive, really brought the character to life. Clean and crisp audio quality, fast turnaround, followed my insanely detailed instructions perfectly. :) Could not have been happier with his performance and professionalism!

  • @tim-van-kan

    Fantastic voice, very professional! Fast delivery with two well selected variations. It really helped with taking this character to the next level.

    I really hope we get to work together again in the future.

  • @theEastPatch

    Versatile, adaptable, and extremely friendly! He communicates well and has the nuanced tone of a seasoned pro. I very much enjoyed chatting with him and he did a splendid job - an asset to whatever project takes him!

  • @beyondthedark

    Rcohare was great to work with and delivered a terrific performance with a quick turnaround. Professional and communicative. I can definitely see myself working with him again in future and would have no hesitation in recommending him for other projects.

  • @captaincrunchy

    Rcohare was a wonderful VA for my project, he did a fantastic job capturing the essence of the character I had outlined. Every recording he sent in always left me blown away with his talent and obvious experience. I would love to have him in a future project, and would definitely recommend him for other projects.

  • @madmaxminute

    I cast R.C. as Doc in my Waterworld screenplay dramatized readthrough. He was quick to deliver his audio and provided exactly what I needed on the first go around.

  • @saskiasketches

    Rcohare is a fantastic voice actor; highly capable and flexible in his line deliveries and thus a joy to direct! He is professional in his communication and punctual when it comes to deadlines and appointments. Wonderful to work with. I highly recommend working with him! 

  • @bryanensign

    rcohare is amazing to work with. His audio delivery times were early, his professionalism is top notch and his performance is amazing. We are thrilled to have him on our project and would love to work with him again in the future. I highly recommend him for your project.

  • @carabyte

    Ray played a minor but important role in my project. I can tell that Ray is pretty passionate about every role he does. It was an absolute joy working with him and I can’t wait to do it again. I highly recommend him.

  • @captain-george

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with this man for "Batman: The Adventure Continues." Rcohare (Ray) played The Mad Hatter for the series in Issue #4 of the comic, and he nailed the performance for the character. Other than his performance he was an absolutely lovely person to talk to, very polite. I look forward to when I get to work with him again.

  • @JoyWay

    Outstanding experience and a true joy to work with!