Archer Devon

Archer Devon

(Ze/Zim | He/They) Disabled transmasculine non-binary lesbian actor | PFP is drawn by @DragonfruitJazz on Twitter 

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About Archer Devon

- Name is Archer (Ze/Zim or He/They pronouns please!)
- 21-year old actor

- I identify as a transmasculine nonbinary lesbian! However, my forte is with medium-high feminine roles. 

- Alto/Mezzo (D3-F5-B5) [Note: This range is self-evaluated and may not be completely accurate.]

- I am a physically disabled and neurodivergent actor! If you wish to cast authentically for disabled characters, message me and we can discuss it in more detail! 

Please PM me if you have any questions at all! 

La Jolla Playhouse - 2018

Young Performer's Conservatory

Instructed by Jeffrey Ingman

5-week theatre intensive, with classes such as:

  • Mask/Physical Theatre - Tomas Tamayo

  • Movement - Mary Peterson

  • Expressive Voice/Shakespeare - Ursula Meyer

  • Improvisation - Bridget Cavaiola

  • Monologue/The Playwright - Bruce McGlumphy

  • Contemporary Acting Methods - Jeffrey H. Ingman, MFA


Willing to negotiate pricing.

What Archer Devon is looking for

Musical projects, audio dramas, animation, visual novels, games: if you are interested in my vocal talent just message me and we can discuss my potential involvement in your project! 

  • @scalpha

    I've worked with Archer for well over three years now, and let me tell you that he is an absolute pleasure to work with! The passion he puts into his acting is palpable, his voice is unique and amazing, he delivers his lines incredibly quickly, and he's always more than ready to help out whenever you need a character voiced! I'd always work with him again, without a doubt!

  • @binxtiny_tail

    Archer is amazing. I don’t think I can express just how talented he is. When I heard his audition, I knew I needed him in the project. He really knows how to act, and definitely one of the best actors I’ve worked with. He seems to give a lot of care into his performances, and also really reliable. I really recommend casting him.