Drama Josh

Drama Josh

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  • @deleted90988

    The range. The range is all that needs to be said, but it is not all that I will say. He is friendly, hard-working, and has a range like I’ve never seen before. If you’d like someone who offers his very best on everything he does, I’d recommend you work with Drama Josh :).

  • @meenakshious

    Drama Josh managed to take a character with ~3 lines and turn him into a perfect version of what I was looking for. He played Relikul, a too-cool-for-school kind of fey, and absolutely blew it out of the water. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a VA with great range, great audio quality, and great attitude!

  • @G-guyd00td00t

    Josh is a great director! Relaxed and kind as he is, he also knows how to make everything come together, and will always make instructions clear and give great tips and recommendations. He's also an accomplished VA and singer himself!