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About Coleiosis

I make audio dramas for the fun of it, but they become great pieces of entertainment in the end.

Please do not recruit me for any romatically-themed projects until further notice!

  • @matt-clemens-va

    Coleiosis is a powerhouse of a voice actor, writer, and director! He was the first person to take a chance and hire me, and I couldn't have asked for a better first director! I definitely plan on continuing to voice characters such as Sonic and Ratchet for him, and on using him to voice Knuckles for my projects. So, if you're looking for someone to give you a story that draws you in, look no further than this guy, right here!

  • @thea-solone

    Polite, professional, and easy to work with. A kind and giving director with a talent for writing that gives the script and the story an unbelievable amount of heart! Fortunately we have more scripts to work with and I look forward to continuing the project greatly! Highly recommended!! 

  • @toni_va

    Coleiosis clearly has a passion and drive for every project he produces, including his fantastic vocal performances and his range. He has directed me, and I have also worked with him on a few occasions, in other projects. Every experience has been pure joy! He is the most supportive and uplifting person i've ever worked with. Coleiosis goes out of his way on every occasion, to make something special for everyone. I couldn't recommend him more!