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Gosh this site can has a dumb xD you want me in your project? My discord is Light#9109 
(let me know who I am though since I remember nothing xD and I don't mind scouting either) 

I'm finally making a come back! It's been long since I've been on the scene so I've probably gotten really lazy so I'll be working hard to get up to scratch again! I love working on knew skills in voice acting and singing but I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, so when I send out something it's something I've deemed "perfect" or at least good enough to be heard~ I'm hoping to meet a few new project creators and make some new friends too with the same interests as me~ sadly I got into doing voices because I was lonely so instead of focusing on things like that I see it now as an opportunity to express myself and hopefully reach someone else! I'm rather serious about being a voice talent but there will always be those moments where I will be a troll and try to see if I can type cast myself for fun so don't cringe when you see my username misbehaving a little bit 

  • @shycat

    I'm surprised to not see ton of recommendations on her page
    it's simple and fast : She Does EVERYTHING
    Singing, voice acting, mixing, animating
    and she is so good at ot
    she can change her voice, work fast even if she does lany things at the same time
    its someone that you should have in your projects!