Discord: Scrogun#6931 You can also contact me on Twitter: @ScrogunVO

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About Scrogun

Doing this to help practice both voice acting and audio editing. I have acoustically treated my recording room to make my audio extra clean. Feel free to hit me up if you have a project you need a voice for! I'm also happy to help with scripts if I'm cast!


This is a hobby for me, so I usually won't charge anything.

What Scrogun is looking for

Any sort of project that forces me to get creative with my voices, and any audio editing as well. I prefer smaller projects, such as animation voices or one off narration pieces, but am willing to dedicate myself to larger projects if need be. 

  • @nagisa_shadow

    I sent him a script and 24 hours later, he had sent me professional quality line submissions.10/10 would recommend.

  • @chibijo1994

    Victor Darrius was a character that I was most afraid to cast as I was looking for more than "I'm the vampire dreamboat." Scrogun hit the performance out of the water. So glad I got the chance to work with such an amazing talent. 

  • @draco-zombus

    A great voice actor with hardened skill. A must have for your voice projects!