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  • @SuperKit10

    Catastrophe has a great voice and an even better personality! Worked with him on a project, and he's all around great to talk to. He has such a large range of voices too! Couldn't recommend him more highly!

  • @aplusmage

    Bro killed it with his voices and his positive friendly energy so much that I don't know if he's even human anymore, I'm convinced he's a cyborg of some sort.

  • @pedroprovina

    Catastrophe is an awesome voice actor to work with. His ability to make high-pitched voices is honestly pretty impressive and he's a very friendly person overall. He’s currently helping me with my Looney Tunes comic dub projects and he has been doing an excellent job as Daffy Duck!

  • @Magik_Cinder

    Fantastic voice actor. has a great range and is very pleasant to work with.  recommended. 

  • @vhirte

    Catastrophe's voice is amazing! I've been in a few projects with him and he's a really great guy to talk to and has great potential. I definitely recommend him!

  • @Montana072

    Catstrophe is a very talented voice actor! Highly recommend him!

    (his Sonic voice is amazing!)