Just a friendly, creative voiceover fanatic who has a big heart and loves to collaborate with new friends. Gifted with the power of Autism. 

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About MusicMoralesMasterVA

I’m aspiring to become a voice actor, and right now, I upload YouTube videos featuring my work as a voice actor and a singer. To practice my talents, I can do various characters impressions of a variety of media like cartoons, TV shows, video games, and anime. Other occupations includes directing, writing, drawing, and editing. 

  • @deleted589808

    MusicMoralesMaster is a good friend of mine, quite understanding and is very nice to me! I enjoy working with him, hope to continue to do so as well!

  • @davidcj1031

    I cast MusicMoralesMaster as the voice of King Dedede. He’s a good actor with all the hard work.

  • @matt-clemens-va

    MusicMoralesMaster is a wonderful person to work with, both as a voice actor and content creator! I highly recommend him if you need someone to make your project a little better!