Victor Hirte

Victor Hirte

I sit in a patted room, talk to myself, get paid #Goals

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About Victor Hirte

Hi, my name is Victor Hirte. Though some of you might know me as Vitropolis on my socials.

I've been doing voice work for about 4 years as well as singing on my Youtube channel for about a year. I also am the voice of Parker the Herdier in Arcues's Wish as well voicing some characters in some dubs by SuperKit10.

  • @Magik_Cinder

    Victor has a great range. he is very friendly and communicative. recommended.

  • @catastrophe2000

    Victor is exceptionally talented and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

  • @vanetia

    I work with Victor and he is an amazing voice actor with a wide range! He is able to convey many complex character emotions! He's also very sweet and great to get along with!