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About sazzle04

My name is Sarah, I'm +25 UK artist and I’m part of a duo creating this project. We both love creating illustrations and comics, and we have some very supportive friends who are acting as script and scenario assistants, proofreaders, testers and technical support. 


Our games are focussed on a 15+ audience, where we'll explore dark themes and ultimately hope to make strong relationships with players and create thought-provoking and enjoyable gaming experiences.


Thank you for reading our description, and we look forward to hearing from you.

  • @barkervo

    Sarah is an incredibly organized and capable project manager, kind and understanding in her responses and feedback to actor questions, and generally just an all-around great person to work alongside. Her work is of exceptionally high caliber, and she greatly values transparency and keeping all parties involved with a project “in the loop” about progress and timelines. I’d highly recommend working with Sarah if you have the chance; it’s a wonderful experience.

  • @StephVarens_VA

    I voiced a character in the visual novel, "Royal Duality," of which Sarah was the project manager. I can't say enough positive things about her. She managed to do the seemingly impossible in two major ways: leading a project of such a large scale, and successfully finding the balance between professionalism and informality. From the start, everything was well-organized and planned, her expectations were clear, and there was full transparency. She set a high standard for the cast and staff, but perhaps an even higher one for herself. Most importantly, however, Sarah showed appreciation for every single thing that was contributed to the project and made us all feel valued. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with her, and I hope I'll have the opportunity again in the future.

  • @deleted303580

    Working with Sarah on the visual novel Royal Duality was, without a doubt, my best experience so far of working with people on Casting Call Club. Sarah was always helpful and communicative with scripts and revisions where needed as the project developed.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the final results soon, and hopefully we can make some more cool stuff again!