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 Professional YouTube Talent with over 20k subs to my name.  I do voice acting for just about anything and typically fill roles too tough for most individuals. I do Video, Voice acting, Music, and pretty much anything in between.

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  • @deleted62874

    He may have been cast out of my village for seducing all the women, but don't let that dissuade you. I've never heard the guy talk, but his beard is an excellent voice actor. 10/10 Hire the beard.

  • @odinsword

    Troll has done a lot of VA for a variety project we have worked on together. He has a good grasp of sound design, use of audacity, breadth of vocal range, and is consistently very high quality, organized and timely in his work. I will be hiring him in the future for major roles, when the need arises. In the link below he is narrating as well as starring a Jack.

  • @publicenemy1

    A man with integrity, a variety of skills not limited to just voice acting (video editing and the making of rock candy), and the backbone yet patience to know when to speak up for himself.

    Trollfacetheman is great for any deep voiced character you can think of from hard boiled detective to sweary supervillian.

  • @xxqmanxxp2b

    TrollFaceTheMan has a great range in his voice acting, not to mention he very responsive, if there was an issue with his lines he would reply in a timely manner. I definitely recommend him if you are in need of voice talent.

  • @actionfighter11

    The guy knows his stuff and hands in work on time. His setup is professional and suitable for everything I've needed him to do. From mods to machinimas, he's great to work with. Finally, he has a very good understanding of manipulating his voice and getting into character. If you need a very special sounding character, he's the man to talk to.

  • @nomad818

    Have known and worked with him for a while, have voiced alongside him in various projects, and most importantly have received phenomenal quality voice over work from him. His clear annunciation, smooth baritones, and flawless quality are what drove and still drives me to choose him for my projects.
    Would 100% recommend him for yours!