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About halo1m


I am a Professional Audio Engineer, a musician, and a voice actor. 

I can track, mix, master, repair or clean existing audio. I can also compose musical scores for creating original soundtracks for projects. 

I am well capable of handling any kind of audio you could throw my way.


I have been getting involved in the game development scene and would love to work with people in developing audio for their projects. I have experience with many Bethesda games and mods built off of them. I've worked with devs for new and upcoming games as well as award winning mod devs. 

I truly enjoy doing all forms of audio based work involving these kinds of projects. Anything ranging from voice acting to soundscape development. 

I've worked in creating soundscapes and ambience. As well as creating binaural directional audio using ambisonic understanding and tone manipulation (aka I can emulate surround sound even if you only have two speakers/headphones). There's a ton of applications for this in the realm of Sound FX.

I often enjoy working with game devs.


Just like I mentioned above I am a professional audio engineer. I have worked with dozens of musical artists and have honed my craft via music. I enjoy working with musical artists and have studied heavily in the field of musical audio engineering. 


If you have a project that needs to be kept secret let me know. I will abide keeping all work secret if need be.

Depending on the level of work and time involved, I would appreciate being credited for my work. It helps me out in return for helping you. Message me how you can do that when we get in contact.