About RossFeebackVA

I am a professional Voice Actor and have been doing it for about 2 years now. I am a very welcoming person and am willing to work with anyone at all. If you enjoy my work I would appreciate it greatly if you would recommend me to others seeking voice over talent. 

I Do Voice Commissions and OC Voice Claims! Prices are based off word count and recording length!

50 cents per word and $2 per minute! Feel free to message me anytime!

  • @tanstin

    Worked with Rosstipher
    in an Ace Attorney dub Breakdowns project! He played a great Fullbright! His lines were very solid, and he has been a pleasure for the team to work with. Together, we had completed the project
    fully and promptly. Would work with again!

  • @cranberrymelody

    Rosstipher is an exceptionally lovely person to work with, I managed them on Ace Attorney Dubbed Breakdowns and was met with an excellent performance as well as them being a genuinely good person to talk to. Would highly recommend.

  • @Kokoro_Audio

    Ross was cast as Alex in March to the Capital - audiobook dramatisation.

    Ross was able to deliver a splendid performance of Alex. Really understanding the character and their struggles, then putting that into their performance was a delight to listen and work on.

    - Alex

  • @Tuzzler_

    Ross plays William Afton in my Five night's at Freddy's related project 

    And this dude absolutely NAILS the part when you need a killer who goes from a loving person to a delusional psychopath!

  • @louispluspizza

    Ross does his job well! He gives his voicelines and can speak german very well!

    And he's a funny guy, can't forget that.