Capital Series Book 1: March to the Capital


Performed and Narrated by a full cast with sound effects and soundtrack! Book 1 of The Capital series: "March to the Capital". 

 "They deserve what happens to them.

Ever since they enslaved us, ever since they shackle us underground to bring them their ore or chain above ground to harvest their grain. We suffered, while they fattened their bellies. No more, now we deserve justice. We will ravage through their countryside, we shall burn their homes, and slaughter their young. For now, our rebellion has begun.

The time of my people’s slavery ends with me for I will lead my people to greatness. The Cinari will do anything to stop me, with their ancient war machines and pathetic armies. But I will push them back and claim what is rightfully mine. We built their Empire with our blood and tears. It is time we take it back.

When I was a slave, they called me M-24:6.

But as a free man, they know me as Marak." 

 © 2022 by Elijah Talbot. Recorded with the permission of the Author. All rights reserved. ℗ 2023 4th Bridge Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. Unauthorised distribution is prohibited 

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