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Cinematic adaptations true to the authors intent

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About Kokoro Audio

We are an audiodrama/dramatised audiobook production company for Web novels/LitRPGs/Light novels.

We are looking to provide dramatic and immersive experiences using voice acting, SFX and music


  • @justineleahva

    Alex and the Kokoro Audio team were amazing to work with. ✨️ This was a massive project and it ran so smoothly! Communication was always clear and timely. The final result of "March to the Capital" is just incredible! I highly recommend the team to anyone wanting to work in Audio Fiction as I would 100% work with them again! 💯

  • @thethornton

    Kokoro Audio is UP NEXT in the world of audio dramas & immersive sound experiences. During the production of “March to the Capital”, they gave us, the cast, very flexible deadlines & great direction when retakes were needed! They also went out of their way to conform to alternate payment methods in order to make sure we were compensated for our work! I feel blessed to have portrayed Marak for their first big project & I’m glad to have worked with them! Excited to see what the future holds for Kokoro Audio.

  • @davidglenney

    This was the best experience I've had across many projects on this platform.  I mean, they paid me to do some acting, which is a dream come true in itself.  On top of that, they cut out some audio for my reel which most producers wouldn't bother with.  Among the multitude of talent there was some contention about methods of payment, and they listened!  Wow.  Great communication and everything.  I love these guys.

  • @DavidJohnBores

    An incredibly professional company who've been an absolute delight to work with. Would definitely recommend others to give a listen to their work and put themselves forward for any future auditions!

  • @RossFeebackVA

    Definitely one of the best Directors I've ever worked with. Very professional and amazing communication. I had a wonderful time voicing Alex in March to the Capital and I definitely hope to work with Kokoro Audio again in the future.