Megan Owens & Emma Kimble-Maerki

Megan Owens & Emma Kimble-Maerki

Working on the Cauhcalco County audio drama. Icon created by HollowCove.

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About Megan Owens & Emma Kimble-Maerki

Written by Megan Owens and co-written by Emma Kimble-Maerki, Cauhcalco County is a mystery/true-crime drama very loosely based on the case of the Yuba County 5. We must stress that everything that takes place within this series is fictional and anything resembling real life is entirely coincidental.

We are currently working on getting episode 1 finished and edited.

  • @MikaThomas

    Megan was really great to work with. After casting, she promptly started a discord and got everyone involved on the same page, setting a clear deadline with flexibility so long as communication was clear. She also took time to update us on how the project was faring, AND shared the final product directly to the discord after it was complete. Finally, the script writing was great. I thoroughly enjoyed my role, and 100% work with Megan again!