Paris Is A City!

Paris Is A City!

Every city has a story! My name is Paris, and I am a city. Where are we traveling to next?

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About Paris Is A City!

I always feel like everyone has so much they want to say, and yet never get the chance to. Maybe there's not enough time, or not enough space; too many words, not enough song and dance. I'm here to remedy that. 

Life is too short to keep your stories locked inside you. It's why I create, and it's what keeps me going every single day.

The Voice Shop - 2021

Advanced VO & Private Coaching

Instructed by Michael George

He's my current vocal coach and I really appreciate him!

Lala Means I Love You - 2020

Voice Coaching

Instructed by Laforrest Cope

My former vocal coach - been working with her since she retired, so it's been *several* years of coaching from this woman! Love her to bits and pieces!


Usually around $40/hr, or $2/word. I'm *always* open to negotiation though, because where would we be without the ability to talk to one another?!

What Paris Is A City! is looking for

If there's ever a time you need a flirtatious lead, or an angry anti-hero, or even a suave villain, I'm more than willing to fill those roles! Looking forward to handling your upcoming projects!

  • @basurtoj15

    This man is the GOAT! I’ve never met someone so charismatic and talented! Y’all should definitely hire him no matter what! Give this man everything and anything! You’ll not be disappointed!

  • @vanilla_mixtake

    Literally one of the sweetest people I've ever met, his Voice Acting is immaculate! I definitely recommend hiring!

  • @MikaThomas

    Paris is a rockstar. He's got a great sound, set up, and his acting is top notch. Above and beyond, he's an AWESOME person and great to work with. Use him for your next project and you will not be disappointed!