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About davidglenney

I'm just a guy.


Successfully cast actors here for my extensive Fallout: New Vegas mod-- Special Delivery! - Vault 54.  It includes SIX HOURS worth of 10,000 finished voice audio files from 18 actors, including 2 songs and a few audio-drama style "holotapes" with sound effects:


I have completed several paid projects from Voice123 and VoiceActing Club - Proboards and other sites before coming here.  To save money, I performed HALF of the acting for my mod, including Four Dog, the companion character seen in the trailer.  Also recently finished an album...

And have done several voices, including companions, for other people's Fallout 4 and Skyrim mods:


  • @Kokoro_Audio

    David was cast as Handcock and extras in March to the Capital - audiobook dramatisation.

    David was able to bring a strong robust voice to Handcock while also demonstrating good range with the other characters. I would happily recommend him for your project. 

    - Alex