Hello! I'm a British professional Voice Over Artist and Voice Actor who also DMs for DND for a hobby, I take pride in my vocal work and am extremely passionate about every project I take part in! Feel free to send me a message for enquires.

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  • @voicesofwynn

    Kieron voiced a mysterious cult leader for one of our most important quest and did a wonderful job and the deep evil voice. He sent in all the lines really fast as well as providing multiple takes for each line. Was definitely a pleasure working with him :)

  • @jnobo

    Definitely someone I'd love to work with again; Was willing to do as much as possible to ensure that everything went smoothly both for myself as the project lead & themselves to ensure the most quality & best performances they could offer. Very flexible & just a joy to work with in general!

  • @joker10000

    Amazing voice talent! High-quality and premium voice over. Very simple to work with and has an extra fast turnaround time. Responsible, competent, and quick. I don't believe I've ever been so satisfied with a voice actor before. Highly recommended.

  • @pzero

    High quality recording, great voice and a wonderful person to work with! Highly recommended if you are looking for someone to voice your next project!

  • @Icydoesart

    Very High quality recording and brought so much life to the character, after listening to the recording I cant imagine the character without his voice, Cant recommend him enough

  • @komorebi

    KieronTheKiwi has gone above and beyond when it comes to his voice over work. He is incredibly clear and concise, replicating certain dialects easily and offering the perfect amount of emotional tone needed for each scene. He is incredibly speedy and efficient with his work, and is always open to adjustments and whatnot. Needless to say, he is incredibly passionate for his work, which is something incredibly admirable. 

    As a person, I can't say anything but good things. Seriously, one of the kindest people you will meet. He's friendly, incredibly outgoing, and has a killer sense of humor. It's been an absolute pleasure working for KieronTheKiwi, and we cannot wait to see how far he will go.

  • @elunoir-unloveable

    KieronTheKiwi was able to provide a high-quality reading for several characters and was adept at interrupting director's notes when performing. I would recommend them for their vocal talent alone, however, their friendly attitude would certainly be a plus worth mention.