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About Elunoir

 Hello all my name is Elunoir, and I am a session vocalist from New England (USA). I have a bachelor of the arts and did several independent understudies pertaining to voice in my college experience. I  am classically trained, and am continuing education in opera. Although I am  classically trained, my bookings (for music) are primarily for nu-metal roles.

Notably: I translated and sang the English theme song for Japanese streaming service called OMUSUBI (you can view this on my profile)

I do direct some projects, and am fairly novice at doing so. However I am happy to receive constructive critique on all fronts and hope to create exciting and meaningful content with you all!  

Elms College - 2021

Bachelors of Fine Arts

Instructed by

BA in Arts from Elms college. Independent studies included music. Abroad studies in Kochi Japan for music.


  •  Fandom VA projects range from free to 50$/hr, Dm to inquire

  • Smaller/Indie projects 50$/hr, (open to negotiation as I try to support smaller projects)

  • Commercial Voice Use is 200$/hr flat rate  

What Elunoir is looking for

Looking to work on long-form and short-form projects. I have a special interest in audio books, and a corner of my heart is reserved for Zelda fancomics.

  • @Peteruspka

    Working with Elunoir has been very pleasant. She is very efficient and works really fast. She is also mad talented as an actor and is generally a very friendly and warm person. Would absolutely recommend!

  • @charaito

    I had the great pleasure of working together with Elunoir, both while directing her, and being directed by her in one of her projects.

    When it came to directing Elunoir, she was prompt with her lines, great at taking direction, and delivered a fantastic performance, one that turned out to be even better than what I had envisioned for the character. She is approachable and friendly, and did a great job of following up whenever things were understandably delayed.

    I voiced a few one-off characters in Elunoir's project, and as a director, Elunoir made it incredibly fun for me. She is fantastic at pinpointing strengths in her actors, and clear about what she wants them to bring to the role. She is great at giving feedback and passionate about her work.

    I'm excited to see where the project goes, and would gladly work with her again!