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About Team Addison


My name is Addison Noland and I'm the founder of Team Addison. Team Addison is a voice acting group making voiceover and fandub work such as comic dubs,
cover songs, audio dramas & comedies, fandubs, and channel trailers.
We're always looking for talent to collaborate with. Giving debuts is
our specialty.

I write, direct, and collaborate with audio editors on SoundTrap. 

Unfinished Projects:

Code Lyoko: Back to Reality
Three months after they terminated the super-virus, X.A.N.A., the Lyoko warriors are back for another school at the Kadic Academy but when they got there, they notice some changes have affected them.

Finished projects:

Comic Dubs:
Friendship Redemption (Steven Universe)
Hi-Potion [Kingdom Hearts]
Now Let me Get This Straight? [Frozen X Last Airbender Cross-over]
First Date [Zootopia]
Sneaky Pic [Kingdom Hearts 3]
Connie Joins the Game [Steven Universe Future]
Confronting Steven [Steven Universe Future... fanfic future]

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