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About VoiceFOURHire

My name is Andrew, I'm a reliable and hard-working person who loves to voice act. I'm always creative, full of ideas and enjoy video games.


In 2009 I was tutored by voice actor, James Arnold Taylor. He helped me strengthen my vocal talents, understand voice over and helped me on how to put reels together. This lead me to getting a voice agent in 2010.


My voice over experience includes video games for consoles such as Oddworld Abe's oddysee new n Tasty, Radio promos, TV show pilots and Cinema feature films like Capture the flag with Paramount pictures where i was the voice of Bill Gags and more. 


I can do a wide range of voices, including my own original voices and plenty of impressions too (e.g. Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks and more).

I also sing in a band as well as host live radio shows at a Hospital Radio Station! 

I'm also a director, writer and producer for Short films as well as cartoon pilots.

In 2020 I won the award for "Best Actor" at the Horrors4you film festival for my role as Celeb in the short film "Leash"

  • @janick

    An amazing dude with a cool attitude! He's the voice of Sonic and Knuckles in my series, "Sonic Action Adventures". He did so well at voicing this two characters that I almost forgot that they were voiced by the same guy. Seriously, when he provided the lines for me and my animators, he did multiple takes with each having their own cool interpretation! If you're still hesitating on casting Andrew, stop it. Listen to his demo reel and all of your doubts will be washed away.

  • @blustudios

    Talk about talented! If you need any voice, this is your guy! He voices Sonic and Knuckles in my Sonic fan series and you wouldn't be able to tell it was the same guy! He has incredible work ethic as he has the task of sending in two characters' lines. Not to mention those are the two with the most lines. I highly recommend him for future projects!

  • @cashlinsnow

    Andrew is wonderful to work with. A big part of this whole VA 'business' is a person's attitude and professionalism, and Andrew certainly has that! He voiced Sonic and Knuckles in a project I produced. I one-on-one directed him for both and he was completely professional, flexible, and willing and more than able to perform to my instruction. As Andrew is quite busy ongoing, I appreciate his approachable attitude even more. It was a delight and a pleasure to earn his interest in my project. Not to mention both his Sonic and Knuckles voices are excellent, and, as the professional he is, his performances are spot-on. If you can get Andrew even to audition for your project, you're doing something right!