Heya! I'm Vanetia! I currently voice Alita in Arceus's Wish and Thorn in Codename: Nemesis! I also have a YouTube channel where I sing covers! Feel free to reach out!

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YouTube: Vanetia

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  • @ceiiige

    Amazing voice actor. Absolutely gives her all with each character she voices. Along with the vast amounts of range she can deliver, the quality of what she brings to the Table is nothing to scoff at. 

  • @euro43

    Getting to know Van over the past few months has been a great experience! She is incredibly talented and skilled in what she does, and is a great person to boot! I'd recommend her for your project as a VA or a vocalist.

  • @alec-young

    I work with Venetia on Acres' Wish! She brings a remarkable energy to the project and her reads are spectacular! I highly recommend you work with them if given the chance!

  • @kitsune-rokko

    Vanetia's incredibly skilled at voice acting and singing; definitely someone you've like to have on your cast and/or production team!

  • @maiapapya

    Venetia is an amazing voice actress she was on my audio podcast show and she's shown miraculous improvement. I'm really excited to see where else she goes!

  • @vhirte

    I've worked with Van for quite a while and she's amazing! She's has a beautiful singing voice, and is very talented! I'd definitely recommend her