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About Maiapapaya

Hi, I'm Maia I am a self-taught voice actor and here to audition and try new things. Voices I can apply are young children, energetic nervous types, anime voices and more! Socials: Maiapapaya#6132 and youtube I am a director and run an audio podcast show called the Locationer check it out! The Locationer - YouTube


Depending on how much the project is paying for the actor and how many lines I'll be reading will determine the price. However I usually would expect 5-10$ per line.

What Maiapapaya is looking for

Anything in the cartoon category. I'm interested in anime, stuff like comics, marvel, steven universe, and more! Stuff very light hearted but also a mix of handling important themes.

  • @hobo-roiland

    Maiapapaya is a fantastic director and voice actress! On the directorial side of things, she is able to create detailed and unique works of fiction and manage everyone's responsibilities in a timely yet respectful and fair manner. On the voice actress side of things, she has an incredible voice capable of performing both voice acting lines as well as singing. She is bubbly and is capable of putting loads of energy into any role gifted to her, and make that role something to remember.