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About Proper_Adhesive

I am an indie game developer most known for scary .Exe titles.  Several of my fangames have been played by hundreds of Youtubers, but my goal here is to get my original projects as much recognition as my fan-made ones.  I look forward to working with those who want to join me as I bring these new ideas to life!  I've been working on Unit Down for about 6 years, and it is finally nearing the end of production.  I just need some talented voices to truly bring the characters to life!

  • @atlanticpaladin

    Great working with him as dev. He had a good, deep grasp of who his characters should be and how he wants them to sound for his project! I expect the game to be of tremendous creative quality, and it was super easy + quick to figure out how he wanted my lines to come out.

  • @trentmichaelt

    An absolutely awesome director, provided a perfect amount of direction I needed for the character. Responded at lightening speed and was incredibly flexible! Would absolutely love to work with him again!