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I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
I run the gaming review and entertainment website known as Gamers-Haven; I review games and I'm funny! At least that's what everyone tells me, I want to get into voice acting, I'd love to do professional voice acting, but never able to get into it for one reason or another.Want to watch my actual gaming videos you can see them on the Gamers-Haven YouTube channel.But if you are interested in seeing my voice acting demo reel feel free to check it out on my personal YouTube channel, it's where I post things like that.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, and Live Actor
Salutations! I am a mainly medium/high voice actress with some singing mixed in; though my range is not limited to that. If you have any questions, feel free to message me! 

Or if you wish for a faster method of communication, my Discord is: Mistress Nyx#4323
Discord: caeshura
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
Greetings. My name is Ana. I'm 30 years old. I lived in Japan for 6 years until May, 2019.I am fluent in Japanese.I have some experience acting in live theater, as well as some experience in a classroom setting for stage acting and improv.
Thank you for considering me and reading my profile.
I enjoy artsy things, video games, and work in the skies as a flight attendant! ūüėä Hope to work with you soon! ūü•į
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Music Composer, Writer, and Live Actor
Here are some more detailed snapshots about me! :)
‚ú® I'm a content creator (Twitch streamer (though that's been less frequent as of late) and creator of content on YouTube/Insta/TikTok (though I plan to do YouTube more seriously)

‚ú® Have a bacherlor's degree in Radio/TV Communication with a minor in psychology
‚ú® Have been a stage manager for multiple productions in Oklahoma and Boston
‚ú®Attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for a year

‚ú® Did a lot of photography while I lived in Boston for 6 years (mainly music gig photography and headshots)

‚ú® Was a founding board member for Next Generation Performing Arts Camp, an intensive music camp for middle-high school artists for a few years. As well as being a founding member, I handled the website, socials, photography/videography during camp, was head counselor, and other assorted jobs/tasks throughout the we...
Speaks: english
Accents: oklahoman
Setup: audacity
Voice Description: male adult male teen
Jack of all trades master of a lot of them, I'll trouble shoot and give you proffessional preformance!!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Music Composer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Actor (who lives in Australia) happy to say i have refined my skill, so I'm looking for tasty projects to crank out and i might produce some of my own soon, i'm currently 20, I can do NSFW voice over or script writing.
( If ya wanna reach me try my discord: LegGoblin#5721 )
(if you want to get more fun and extensive look at my voice abilities i do some co-streaming , check out my mate's Twitch at:    )
INFO ON WRITING:I am decent at more unique conversation and description of scenes to try and keep things from getting bland;The weirder the better is my motto, this can also make for more relaxed and joking conversation, I try to keep the conversations fluid and unpredictable/Unique so that the audience is engaged and entertained by every word. I am an experienced writer as a DM, (dungeon master) running 4 Campaigns of Dungeons and dragons with a h...
Katherine Ruvielle Acosta
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
Hello! My name is Katherine and I am a Colombian-American voice actress that's been voice acting since May 2021.
I would describe my present range as being from young adult sounding, high to medium, female vocal range. I am comfortable doing calm, relaxed, excited, and shy voices so I would love to be considered for any roles you feel might be described as that!
Where did my inspiration for voice acting come from?At my core I am a writer. It was a natural thing for me to act out the personas/dialogues of the characters I wrote. As I grew older, I had always been intrigued by voice acting but hadn't felt confident enough to pursue it until after I fell in love with the video game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I felt so inspired by the clearly visible hard work the voice actors in that project put into emoting their roles and dialogue. Their performances gave me the drive to pursue ...
Speaks: spanish
Accents: american
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Hey! I'm Alex Stoker.I'm an 18-year-old from Texas.
I specialize in:Voice acting,Video Editing, Video Producing,Writing,2D Art and Animation3D Modelling, Rigging and Animation 
Your video editor and amateur voice actor here! Message me anytime whether its here or on my socials!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Writer
Youtuber/Twitch Streamer, Vtuber  MsBlackfire123 - Twitch | MsBlackfire123 - Commission SiteFireflies Shrine -
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
Hi there, my name is Matthew! I have been acting for the last 9 years and have been working to perfect a wide range of voices and a wide range of accents. I have extensive stage acting experience and a good audio setup to deliver clear, crisp and professional audio. I hope to work with anyone that wishes to have me as a part of their projects!
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Producer
Hi, I Do Voice Over Work For Fun & Sometimes For Little Cash.
I Have A Group Youtube @ Quadaraderie - YouTube & A Twitch @therevolvercamp - Twitch , Credit Either Of Those In The Credits Of Your Works I Voice Act
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Producer, and Live Actor
Hey I'm AlliedAlex, a Vtuber who plays an awful lot of Minecraft, Sims, Genshin, and Skyrim. A few years back I found an interest in Voice Acting, and now that I have a decent amount of free time, I've been thinking about getting back into it. Whether it be through in game rp, or just sending in some audio files. I'm also fairly decent at editing, and music production. I don't have too much experience at the moment besides a few personal projects. But I'm hoping I can be just the thing someone is looking for, and to one day expand my horizons further. If you ever want to contact me you can on discord, @TheAlliedArchives.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hey! Thanks for checking out my Profile! I'm a twitch streamer, gamer, high school student, and voice actor looking to make something great!
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen animation/character
Emerging Voice Actor Ready to Bring Characters to Life!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, and Writer
25 Year Old doing voice acting as a hobby and enjoy taking on all sorts of roles. I take special interest in Star wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, and Dark Horror or Fantasy projects!
Speaks: english
((HAHA 14 YEARS OF AGE AND TRYING TO MAKE A GAMEEE and voice act TvT)) hi! you can call me Infiniti I hope we can get along ^^ Goals: To be a Vtuber & Do a Collab with Show By Rock!! and get paired with Cyan Hijirikawa (for fun -v-) & become a Voice Actress in any series -v-
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Writer
CURRENTLY WORKING ON: "3's A Crime!!! Caution: Fate Revolver" will be in the works for awhile! though for now i'll do things showing it's progress with the help of others ^^
(Is there a way i can join a series WITHOUT having discord-) Hi Hiiii! i'm infiniti a simple wannabe Voice Actress lol i'm 14 so i'm still a bit young i'm only on here to see what this is all like ^^ i might do some VA work as long as i'm N O T paid. (please don't pay me TvT i know that's weird but i'm 14 and i still live with my family and i wanna be able to do this stuff when i'm more older even though my dad says i can do this stuff at this age i might try it) anyways! i will so far do simple/minor roles and if it's a big role i'll give my best! i was born with a raspy voice so i'm sorry if my voice comes out weird or something TuT (Secret that's not really one: My goal in the future is to become a Vtuber an...
My superpowers are sarcasm, honesty, and my shades of brokenness.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Writer
"I live by the words of Eminem "..God sent me to piss the world off!..", But I might as well make them laugh while doing it.." ~TheRealSarcasmO~Hi I am TheRealSarcasmO wanna Guess my Superpowers? ............... Nope, its writing VBA Code...I have A.D.D. Look Shiny Object...Thought to Be Highly Functioning autisticwith a splash of OCD."I am just vacationing in this Multiverse..." ~TheRealSarcasmO~Look Squirrel... New Game......oh yea duh and my superpowers are Sarcasm, Honesty, and my shades of brokenness.. or are they?
Speaks: english
Setup: Rode PodMic
Voice Description: androgynous male adult
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Howdy all, The names Slimesy or you can just call me slime, Whatever tickles your fancy, I'm an amateur Australian voice actor/streamer looking to grow my portfolio and meet new people in the process, I cant wait to work with you all.
Speaks: english
Accents: australian
i hope you like what ever was singing or voice acting
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, and Live Actor
female voicing and childrencan singdiscord : imenchan
Search all 8968 writer streaming profiles