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YouTuber | Voice Actor | Flutist | They/Them | 26 | Script Writer | Audio and Video Editor*Anime and Video Game Nerd All the Way*
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Writer
Hi, I am Flute VA and I am a voice over artist. For YouTube, I had done voice impressions, comic dubs, and asmr for characters I enjoy voicing, along with writing scripts and editing my own videos. I am training to extend my vocal range to not only portray female characters, but also young male to teenage male characters. For now I'm interested in learning everything about voice over. My favorite so far are animation and video game work, but love to expand and grow some more.
My second channel is called Flute Hero and I perform flute cover music based on anime, games, film music and more. If you are interested in seeing my work, you can view both of my youtube channels for prior experience. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to working with you.
My character demo reel:

Flute VA:
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Writer
Hi, I'm Euclid! I run a Youtube Channel where | Narrate stories. SCP files, I also do character roleplays and Character and creature analysis.  I also have my own universe called The Consortium! 
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: video editing
I am a Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
Hello, I go by many names, you can call me Rei, or Microwave. My pronouns are he/him, and I'm the creator of DR!R0.
Skills and Interests: animation
Never going to give up on what I love to do! Bring it on!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
My name is Khalil Randle-Myers (known as SuperKobalt). I'm an aspiring voice actor/film actor who dreams of making a career out of moving my body and harnessing my voice. One day I dream of voice in a fighting video game. Before taking a career in Acting, I was an introverted, kept-to-themselves type of person. But watching other actors and many of my favorite media has taught me that you don't have to be scared to be YOU. Acting has profoundly changed me as a person. Now, I'm more involved in activities and becoming more of a leader. And I'm ready to take at any opportunity this world throws at me!

You can watch a visual reel of the start of my career to now
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Hi! I'm Tanaka, and I'm an aspiring voice actor! My voice has been described as "soothing," and I specialize in young adult/adult "heroine" type voices. Although I am relatively new to the voice acting scene, I am no stranger to acting, writing, and directing-two plays that I've written have been performed in New York City during One Act festivals, and a film about mental health that I wrote, directed, and edited was selected for the First Time Filmmakers Sessions.Through the YoungArts Foundation, I participated in masterclasses with Renee Elise Goldsberry, Malcolm Getts, and Jeanine Tesori. During the Summer Residential Governor’s School of the Arts Program, I worked under Michael Boynton and Caroline Price, who both studied at the Moscow Art Theatre. I also originated a role for a play that premiered at the DC Capital Fringe Festival in 2018. I have also acted as a lead role in seve...
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, and Writer
Hi! My name is Jadey. (she/faer)
The purpose of me creating this account is mostly to dabble in my favourite hobbies and have fun in the community. I hope to make many friends and learn a lot here!My Discord: jadey ☆#8669
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Writer
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: audacity
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, and Writer
Voice actor, singer, video editor, artist, I love to create and share said creations with everyone! He/they pronouns
Speaks: english
Accents: none southern
Voice Description: male adult male teen
God Complex
Just a non-professional writer/voice actor trying to find my motivation by helping out people with their projects.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
18 years old
Agender aroace lesbian
Medium to low voice
European accent
Speaks Lithuanian, English, and Italian
"The King of the 1900's/20th-Century"
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
Better known as the King of the 1900's/20th-Century, I am the founder, president, and CEO of my own channel network company, 1KTV Network, Inc., a division of the 1K Company. Humbly, I am also a friendly, autistic professional cinematographer, digital artist/hobbyist, custom recreation designer, production/project planner, graphic designer, self-librarian, audio/video editor and designer, artificial-intelligence supervisor, a webpage developer, and a part-time experienced voice actor, too!
Speaks: english
Speaking, writing, crafting, doing. I am the most organised person you will ever meet. 
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Writer
I am a writer, linguist and historian with experience in publishing poetry, prose, and scripts. In the past I have also directed and edited--a long while ago, I attended school for video editing and cinematography. Voice acting and narration have been hobbies of mine since childhood, and though I've lent my voice to some projects for school and friends, I'm interested in exploring the wider talent community and participating in some new and exciting projects! I value communication, honesty, kindness, and inclusiveness, and above everything else, I know the importance of time management. If you decide work with me, please know I will commit myself fully to your project!

Unfortunately, I do not currently have any role credits, but here is my self-published post-Covid Hetalia ASMR Channel project.
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