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Voice Actor/Editor/Director/Mixer   |Home Studio|
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I'm a 22-year-old college graduate (Theatre Major) who likes to voice act and direct anime dubs! I'm an actor in real life too! I also sing and dance!

I loved acting since I can remember! But I started acting when I was 9, The first show I ever did was "Oliver" (I was Dodger) And I have been acting non-stop ever since! I started voice acting in 2015, and it all started with this website! I have gotten WAY better over the years, and I hope to get even better! Thank you for checking out my Profile! I hope all of you who are just starting, don't give up!Best of luck to all of you!
If you would like to contact me:
Discord: HaydenDavisVA#0047or@HaydenDavisVA on Twitter.
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: adr alto singing
I hope more deep voiced woman will show up in animation. I hope I will be one of them!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Producer, and Live Actor
Greetings all!

If you're looking for a med to deep feminine or androgynous voice, I fit that range. I can go out of that range, I do not mind getting out of my comfort zone. Just let me know! I have a few gremlin voices, feminine voices, masculine voices and overall deeper voices. I find accents easy to learn so please just let me know what you have in mind. I don't mind perfectly adjusting to your vision.

My Discord is CaramelizedChaos#2779 and my email address is [redacted]. Feel free to reach out to me with questions, tips, and requests! I would lover to work with you in the future!
Speaks: english
Voice Actor, GachaTuber, Creator, Etc.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Live Actor
Hi I'm Julius and I'm a creator of Officers Knight Series
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I have a baritenor voice with a very wide speaking range, comfortable as little brothers, rivals, leading men, villains, and anyone who is, as they say, "going through it".  
I also am very proficient at artificial intelligence/androids, classic 1920s radio hosts, people in pain, and characters who build into a yelling rant.  I can turn on a dime and can perform in masculine, androgynous, and austere feminine roles.
I am also an accomplished writer.  I primarily live in the horror genre, but am adept at romance and surrealism.  I wrote "Check In"  for The Grey Rooms podcast and did a subsequent interview with them.  My work can be read on my website or on AnyStories.
 Whats up, im joey! 
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Voice acing isnt just a job, its a passion
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: audacity
Voice Actor, Writer, Songwriter, Singer.
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
I am starting to create a portfolio. I was always that kid imitating voices from TV shows growing up, and have started to voice my own short stories. I just love using my voice in every way I can think of.
Speaks: english
Accents: australian
Voice Description: male adult
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
I'm Con! I am a Transgender, FTM, inspiring Voice Actor. I am currently 22, and have had a passion for VA work since I was a teen. I hope to bring characters to life with my skill sets and unique voice!

I use a Blue Sona XLR Mic and Minifuse1 audio interface, with Audacity as a DAW.
Want to know what work I am currently in? Here are just a few!
- Twisted Wonderland Official Fandub: Ruggie Bucchi
- FUGA Fandub: Britz Strudel

Need to contact me?
Discord: cinnaconva

Thank you so much for visiting my page, and I hope to hear from you soon!
ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ɪᴄᴏɴ ᴅᴇsɪɢɴᴇᴅ ʙʏ: ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴏɴɪᴛᴇ
Speaks: english
Currently working on my first comic dub! Check my profile for details :3
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, and Live Actor
Greetings! I'm an amateur voice actor, singer-songwriter and composer. I've been voice acting for roughly a year now, previously working on several videos on Cheshire Smiles Studios. I mostly specialize in singing and songwriting, which I do in my free time. I have already released two singles with more to come (eventually XD).
My name is Sydney, I am way too passionate about animation and all things that come with it.  Currently I am creating a pilot.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, and Writer
23They/Them - She/Sher I'm a passionate nerd with too many hype fixations 
Speaks: any english
I'm trying out voice acting so I lack experience in that department, however I am a confident singer and am comfortable and competent in most vocal music roles.
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Voice Acting:I'll attempt any accents, but I'm best at Russian, British, and Australian accents.Mid-range voice. Not deep, but not high pitched.Vocal Music Roles:I can sing baritone and maybe a bad tenor if I try hard.I can beatbox at a semi-professional level.Equipment:Microphone: Behringer XM8500My mic is connected via Boss RC 505 MK1.EQ, Reverb, Bass to Guitar, and any other effect on the Boss RC 505 MK1 can be added without editing.
Speaks: english
Your bilingual, Canada based Southeast Asian voice artist.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hey, you! The name's aplums (ey-pluhms), a voice actress who just stepped into the same vast world you're in! I'm looking for virtually any project I can be a part of so I can grow, learn, and gain experience. I'd LOVE to connect and learn from everyone here, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback or just want to chat!!Fun fact: I can also sing in a bunch of styles and genres including some basic metal screams!Linktree: forward to working with you!!
Search all 1539 singer XLR profiles