French voice actress, let me bring your creations to life ! (kinda corny I know)

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About Ravenika

Bonjour ! 

Je m'appelle Ravenika ! Ravie de vous rencontrer ^^ ! Je fait du doublage depuis Août 2020 ainsi que du théâtre depuis 8 longues années (le malheureux Covid a annulé ma 9ème).

En plus de participer à des projets, je suis en train de mener les miens ! Je fréquente également beaucoup de personnes avec la même passion que moi que vous pouvez retrouver sur ce site ! Ils m'aident à m'améliorer chaque jour et je ne peux que les remercier !

Je suis déterminée, passionnée et curieuse ! J'ai hâte de pouvoir travailler avec vous !
Hello there ! 

My name is Ravenika ! It's nice to meet you ! I've been voice acting since August 2020 as well as theatre for 8 long years (sadly, covid canceled my 9th year).

In addition to taking part in projects, I'm also running my own ! I also know many people with the same passion as me that you can find on this website ! They help me improve every day and I can't thank them enough !

I'm determined, passionate and curious ! I'm looking forward to working with you !

  • @tbwa_thebuche

    Elle possède une super expérience.
    Le doublage de voix m'inspire et je trouve sa inspirant.

  • @starrytchi

    Hello! I'm Starrytchi.

    Ravenika voices in my ongoing series "Locker 79" as Vincent Smith. So far, she has done absolutely amazing with her lines! I haven't had to ask for any redos at all. She portrays the antagonist vibe well but also the "nervous antagonist" very well. (Seeing as Vincent isn't entirely evil, he's just a character that goes along with it all out of fear. But eventually gives in.) I must also add, it's really cool that she can do both English and French projects! 

    I definitely recommend casting her if you see her auditioning for your project. And trust me, you won't regret it.

  • @joaquin-augusto

    As an actress and director she worked for Mob Entertainment producing the French dub for one of our animated projects, "ZAM!" - I can say she was professional at her task and delivered on time and properly all episodes that were requested until the project got finalized.